Like I mentioned in the previous blog post, Firefox is a huge pain to write extensions for. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get the firefox extension up and running, and wow what a hassle. Seriously, I could detail just how awful it is to write an extension for firefox – what with its old, archaic structure, confusing and outdated documentation, and cumbersome installation. But I won’t. Instead, just Download and install the add-on here An important note to Chrome and Safari users: I’m really sorry, but you guys need to re-install the extension. I had a pretty stupid bug in the code, and it ended up causing some trouble for people with online classes. Also, the extension was not updating properly, so that’s fixed as well. Baring something catastrophic, you should never have to mess with this extension again – it will autoupdate as necessary should I find any other problems. You can grab the new guys below. You might have to manually uninstall the previous version again (sorryyyy). If you're unsure about how to uninstall the old extension, see the bottom of the previous blog entry for a quick breakdown of how to do it. Google Chrome Extension Safari Extension