SO! It’s been a while! First off, welcome (back) to the new site! The re-work was a long time coming, and I finally found the time to get around to it this past month. Everything from the previous version of the site was THROWN AWAY and I started completely from scratch. I had some help from a friend called CodeIgniter though, which made rebuilding the site a hell of a lot easier. The old site was built entirely from scratch, without the use of frameworks, MVCs, etc.; All straight up, plain, unassisted php/mysql. And wow, what a lot of work that was. I know the most important rule of engineering is “don’t recreate the wheel”, but I learned so much from building the old site that I think the effort was completely justified. Not to mention that if I hadn’t spent all that time re-inventing the wheel, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate just how easy frameworks make things. I’m sure every web developer and their mother are already using some kind of framework, but just in case you’re not, start right now. Seriously, the code base for the site shrank exponentially, from thousands of lines of php to MAYBE 100 lines of function calls and simple math. Anyway, that’s my plug for CodeIngniter, and web frameworks in general. I’ll have some posts up about the process and some stuff I learned up some time this week, but until then enjoy the new site, drop a comment below, etc etc. Cliff out.