So about a month ago I signed up to participate in a script hackathon for google apps. And just so we're clear, a hackathon is just an event where you try to create a program under a time limit. The word "hackathon" is commonly used because the program is thrown together in a small amount of time; not because there is computer hacking. In any event, I'm trying to brainstorm ideas so that by the time Saturday rolls around I want to have a pretty decent idea of what I want to make. I have one pretty weird/horribly specific idea in my head already, but rather than bias your thoughts with it, I'd like to see what you guys think. Here's the question: If you use or have used any of Google's apps before (maps, docs, etc), is there ever a feature that wasn't present that you wanted to add? Maybe doing something specific in google spreadsheets was a lot more convoluted than you thought it should be? Maybe you just have a cool idea? If so, post away in the comments section. If your idea is do-able, theres a very high likelihood I'll end up making it happen this saturday. What does that mean for you? I'll upload the result here, and then you'll be able to use it yourself! Won't that be cool?