I started off doing this post as just the stereotypical "hi welcome to my blog" thing, but then I decided that nobody wants to read that. So instead I'll talk about what you can expect to see come out of this website content-wise over the next month or so. I've got a few things in particular I have already planned on posting here once they're finished, so I guess I can go ahead and list those.
  • A creepypasta story I'm writing
  • The first single for what will (possibly) one day become an entire album based on the ever so popular nerdcore hiphop.
  • More general bloggy-ness (hopefully minus the typically superiority complex that seems to inhabit most blog posts) including but not limited to:
  • Possibly other creative ventures I undertake (short stories, code, etc)
Hopefully that list is comprehensive enough to make you check back next week when my facebook status is "impiety.net - now updated!" or something similarly inane but ultimately interesting enough to click.