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Impiety.net - About Me
Picture of me About Me Name: Cliff Hess Age: Personality Type: INTP College: North Carolina State University Major: Computer Science Class Standing: Senior Favorite Languages: PHP, C Currently Interested in: Network Security, Web Development Hobbies: Web development, Competitive gaming, Skateboarding Favorite Music Genres: Electronica (EDM, DnB, Trance), Ska, Indie
Bio: When I was 11, I built my first website. That was somewhere around 2001. Even though the web was an entirely different place at the time (and the site was really gross and ugly) I fell in love with web development. After being in computer science classes all through high school, I took a break to pursue some of my other engineering interests in college. However, I ultimately found my way back to computer science, and I'll be graduating in December 2012 with a BS in the subject. For me, computer science isn't really about programming or computers, so much as the ability to reason through problems with a standard toolset of logical operatives. The degree to which you can break a problem down into its components and then rigorously define those components directly determines the quality of anything you create. To be able to accomplish something cool or creative or unique simply through cleverness and logical thinking is absolutely incredible. I've been fortunate enough to be able to work on a lot of cool stuff: canvas animation and web development, creating networks capable of virtualization on a large scale (10k+ VMs), penetration testing, and all kinds of interesting mobile apps and browser extensions. I won't pretend that I'm truly an expert on any one thing, but I know a good amount about a lot of different things, and being able to bring this breadth of experience to a new project means that I can make all kinds of unique connections that other people can't. Computer Science isn't just my hobby or career choice; it is absolutely my life and greatest passion, and I enjoy every single minute of it.