So I've been hearing from people that chrome no longer supports extensions provided independently of the google store. Thats pretty un-google-like, but for some reason they're not allowing you to do this anymore. I've changed the chrome download link (THIS chrome download link) from a .crx (the extension file type chrome uses) to a .zip.

What you're going to need to do is download this zip, and extract the folder inside. If you're using a mac, this will happen automatically; in windows you'll need to click on the zip and move the folder inside somewhere else (desktop is fantastic for this). This folder (which should be called NCSUSGVExtensionChrome) contains all the files necessary for the extension to work in chrome. From here, open chrome, go to the extensions page (tools -> extensions in windows, chrome -> preferences -> extensions for mac), and click the button that says "load unpacked extension" (You may have to click the check box for "Enable developer mode" at the top of the page to see this). This should open a file dialog. Browse to the NCSUSGVExtensionChrome folder you just downloaded and pulled from the .zip, and choose it. You should be good to go now! So, to review:
  1. Download the chrome extension
  2. If windows, unzip the file.
  3. Open Chrome
  4. Navigate to the extensions settings
  5. Check "Enable Developer Mode" if you don't see the "Load unpacked extension" button.
  6. Click "Load unpacked extension"
  7. Enjoy!